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19th December 2008

19 Dec 2008


New Page Here:

Updates will be the 21st, 23rd and 27th of December, because I finally got off my ass and did some toning of pages that have been sitting on my laptop for weeks! Happy Christmas to everyone (specially the people who leave comments because I love them!)
Next Update: Likely the first few days of January

11 Oct 2008


New Page:
Volume 2 Page 12
Next Page: Saturday 18th October

I can really only plead ignorance for how crappy the file quality of the most recent pages is. I used to have a computer that could talk to Corel Painter without making rude hand gestures and crude comments and generally offending and estranging it, but I now don't have access to it so they're stuck this way.

End of flashback coming up next page, and reappearance of Zero at S.E.S. headquarters, plotting to take over the world. Or some such thing. At least he's avoided the usual T-shirt blasphemy, and that's the most we can hope for.

12 Sep 2008


echo will be updated every friday/saturday for the next few weeks with 2 pages. I'll stick up the links to them on the home page once they're up.

In case you're a bit confused about who's who, and what's what, and why that person is killing that one, I've made a temporary character page which explains... well, some things.

Just a note - the first 12 or so pages of the second chapter about Lazarus are set in the past, hence the green screen on them. I've got to think of a better way to do flashbacks...

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