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- Formerly worked as an assassin for Duke
- Species (human or vampire) uncertain
- Up until immediately before the start of chapter one, was kept captive by the S.E.S. for experimentation


- Age 18/19
- Human
- Unaffiliated with vampires or the S.E.S. but did used to work for his father, Sam, as a getaway driver for various illegal jobs
- Originally Mexican, speaks fluent English and Spanish

Rome Slater

- Vampire
- Born in south London
- Formerly worked for Duke, now owns and runs New York's vampire prostitution trade

Sebastian DeWinter

- Age 19
- Human
- Works exclusively for Rome, though they've been sexual partners for 3 years
- Born in NYC, lived on the streets but actually is descended from a wealthy family


- Age 25
- Human
- Works for the S.E.S., mostly takes field work (extermination and retrieval of subjects)
- Born in Dallas, Texas


- Vampire
- Born in Detroit, Michigan
- Trained by Hunter to work for Duke. Now AWOL from the organisation


- Vampire
- Born in 1884
- Has a deep scar across his throat
- Used to work as Duke's second hand man - acted as a go-between for him to avoid Duke being threatened by over-exposure



- Controls most of Russia's criminal networks (has eliminated all vampires who rival him, and either works closely with or directs the human mafia) and formerly influenced the Americas and Europe
- At the height of his power, employed:


- US government 'pest control', commonly known as 'Sweepers'
- Conduct research on vampires and take it upon themselves to remove any vampire that has been disrupting civilian life

Vampire 'Bounty Hunters'

- The S.E.S. make it common knowledge which vampires are on their hitlist, so the freelance bounty hunters can do their work for them
- Usually consist of humans who have a personal vendetta against vampires and try to get rid of as many as possible

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