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29 Mar 2008


Because there were a few details I wasn’t happy with, I’ve been back through the old pages and changed some things. I’ve also added a few pages at the beginning, so if you’ve read it before, it might be worth going back to have a quick look.
More importantly, updates are starting again. Once I’ve uploaded the old pages, there’ll be 6 new pages on Saturday 5th April, and regular updates after that.
I’m really sorry for the delay – I just wanted to get to a position where it felt like I was doing it right, and I think I’m sort of there now.
Anyway! Sorry for the delay, I'm going to go back to quietly praying I didn't make any mistakes with the site html.


murrays_girl (Guest), 16 Apr 2008

U didn't make any mistakes that I can see! How the hell dyu get the image icons in the sketch gallery to change like that?!

JiSK, 16 Apr 2008

Ahh, the magic of javascript. Gimme an email and I'll send u a rough explanation.

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