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27 Jul 2008


The last 4 pages of the chapter start here:

So the first chapter is finished! I think I'm going to enjoy the second more, since I get to introduce a character who I love to draw, and Zero (my poor government vampire hunter) actually has gets his fare share of speaking lines.

I'd like to thank everyone who's commented so far, especially IceyT, Zaseka, Miwa, and Sarcasm Turtle, and for anyone who's fav'd me. I'll move right past the fact that this sounds like a teary Oscar expectance speech, and add that there'll be a short gap before I move into the second chapter, but I have a few pieces of art that I'll put up before then, and the cover of the next volume. Also, I'll set some sort of target date for the 2nd, since I don't need too long, I just have to organise myself a little.

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